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How to... find the right property using our estate agents in Cheshire


Finding your new home can be difficult, as can knowing exactly what you should take into account when thinking about what you would like you new home to consist of. Many estate agents in Cheshire are well trained and experienced in helping you find the right property, and narrow in on what you would really like. But there are several things to consider to make your search easier...

Deciding on a number of bedrooms

Do you have a family, or plan on expanding your existing one? When looking for a property, you must also look into the future; will you need an extra bedroom? Also, even though your dream house may have four bedrooms, do you need four bedrooms? Or will one be used as the spare room that everybody has as a "guest room" despite the fact that you have never had a guest! Think twice about the number of bedrooms you really need, as cutting down can save you thousands. Our estate agents in Cheshire will help you find a property with the right amount of rooms to suit you.

The character of your dream house

Is your dream house contemporary and modern, with geometric shapes and large glass walls? Or is it a classic, cosy cottage with a thatched roof and wooden shutters? Whatever the style, your estate agent will be able to help you narrow down available properties to the one perfect for you.

Setting yourself a budget

Have you though about the maximum amount you're wiling to spend? Setting yourself a budget early on in your search for a new home can help both you and the estate agents in Cheshire find a home to suit you. With a budget, you can ensure that you wont get too attached to a house you can't afford, or don't pay for that extra bedroom you don't really need. Speak to our estate agents in Cheshire, your local area, to find out what they have available for you.

Average house prices in Cheshire differ depending on the type of property you're interested in, for example semi-detached properties sell for an average price of £180,350*, where detached are closer to £330,000*. The average sale price of terraced properties is around £145,000*. This is what you should consider when thinking of moving house - what kind of house you would like, as well as what kind of house you can afford.

Your dream house will be different to every other client, so we offer a wide range of houses and properties to you, from this magnificent family home in a village setting in Audlem, Cheshire, to this high standard, detached three bedroom home in Rode Heath, Cheshire. With the help of the estate agents in Cheshire, you will find the perfect home to suit you.

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