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How to... make the most of your home.

How does selling your home fast and for a top price sound to you? A hope too far in today’s gloom and with your neighbour's house languishing on the market for months and months?

The good news is it’s not luck or even some mystery economic factor decided in the Euro zone or by the Dow Jones. More than that some of the biggest steps you can take to add value to your home are free. The secret is simple: careful planning and presenting your home to its best advantage will send buyers scurrying for their cheque books. Here is my guide on how to prepare your house and turn it into an irresistible home.

Firstly you have to change your mindset where your house is concerned, it is no longer your home but a commodity to sell. So it follows that the first job to do is de-personalise your home and remove all your nik naks. Remember you don't want a buyer to wonder, "what kind of people live here" you want them to say, "I can see myself living here."

Declutter. Remove all the appliances, chopping boards and clutter off your kitchen work surfaces and the magnets from the fridge. Your house needs to have the air of a show home. If you are pushed for storage space perhaps rent a storage unit, well worth it in the long run.

Spring clean, no matter the season. Empty all bins, shampoo the carpets, have fresh sheets, clean the windows, remove any signs of mildew and get the bathrooms and kitchen shining.

Do those little jobs you've been putting off, change the light bulbs, fix the dripping tap and replace that wonky handle.

Remember that most buyers will drive round the area looking at new properties from the outside before they view, so make sure you catch their eye! Cut the grass, trim the shrubs and tidy the hedges. Jet wash the driveway and make sure external paintwork is in good condition. Add potted plants with brightly coloured flowers and foliage. Make sure you dismantle the trampoline and clear away any swings and toys to make the garden feel spacious and welcoming. Remove any pet deposits and repair broken fencing and gates. Just before people arrive for a viewing turn on all your lights including lamps and cabinet lighting. Perhaps you can light fires, especially in winter which will instantly make your house feel more homely. Also make sure all your curtains are pulled back and take down any net curtains as that will let in more light and people want to see the view.

If you have pets, put them in the car and remove any litter trays and toys. Some people may be scared of your pet and some exotic pets like snakes or rats might totally put people off the house.

Finally, hand over a set of keys to the agent, as professionals they are in the best position to sell your home. If you decide to take the viewings yourself, never get involved in negotiation, leave this to the professionals, they will be able to get you the highest offer.

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