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Stone: 01785 814917 | Eccleshall: 01785 851886 | Nantwich: 01270 445678 | London: 02074 098503

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Five top tips for a stress-free moving experience

Buying a new property has the potential to be stressful, and we get it! To help you out, we have put together this guide of helpful tips, based on real buyers’ experiences.

13-year high for sales and mortgage approvals

The post-lockdown property market has been thriving since its release from lockdown, with sales and mortgage approvals at a 13-year high.* If you’ve been putting off your sale in 2020, there could not be a better time to bring your home onto the market and benefit from optimal selling conditions.

No end in sight for sales market boom

There are a number of key reasons that make October 2020 an exceptional time to begin your next property transaction. Here are just a few examples to take your pick from:

There’s virtually no one better during these tough times!!

2020 has been a strange one and we have all had to get used to a new normal and find new ways to do the things we have always taken for granted. I think we would all generally agree that the use of technology has been vital. How many of us had heard of Zoom before March? Now it’s become commonplace for friends and family of all ages to get together on a Zoom call to catch up and share some time together. Somehow conference calls or phone calls just don’t quite cut it. We feel the need to see someone or something in real time to connect properly with it.

Stone Millennial's Moving Back In With Mum & Dad

Roll the clock back 20 years and any self-respecting late 20 /early 30 something would never say on their first date that they lived with their Mum & Dad. It was seen as a sign of immaturity being tied to your mother’s apron strings with your failure to leave the family home. Yet over those last two decades, the age of leaving home has been increasing steadily from 20 years and 11 months in the late 1990’s to 22 years and 7 months today.

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Moving home is one of the biggest decisions you make and when the time is right for you, we understand that you need help from the experts to make sure you get the best deal. James Du Pavey Estate Agents is an independent agency founded with a single vision: 'To provide an outstanding bespoke service for each and every client'.
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