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Stone: 01785 814917 | Eccleshall: 01785 851886 | Nantwich: 01270 445678

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teamphoto2Moving home is one of the biggest decisions you make and when the time is right for you, we understand that you need help from the experts to make sure you get the best deal. James Du Pavey Estate Agents is an independent agency founded with a single vision: 'To provide an outstanding bespoke service for each and every client'.

As an independent, local agency we offer a flexible, personal service to suit you which many larger companies cannot. Our professional and experienced sales team are dedicated to ensuring you achieve the best possible sale price for your property as swiftly and as easily as possible. You will have a dedicated team working on your behalf, each of whom will visit your property and understand your priorities and requirements. We are here to help and advise you every step of the way and we believe in a culture of openness and in talking you through the reasons behind our advice so you can be confident you are making the right decision.

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Meet The Team

James Du Pavey Profile Image
James Du Pavey BSc (Hons) DipREA FNAEA

James is one of the nation's most qualified estate agents having been awarded the prestigious Diploma in Residential Estate Agency. This qualification also admits him as a Fellow to the National Association of Estate Agents, the highest grade of membership. He has been managing very successful estate agencies since 2005 and has extensive experience and success working within the local area. He enjoys spending time swimming as well as a whole host of other water sports from diving to sailing.

Eccleshall Branch

Meet our dedicated team of property experts based in the Eccleshall Branch of James Du Pavey. If you would like to get in contact, feel free to call us on 01785 851886 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Lee Davies MNAEA

Us: Hello Lee, we like you, would you like a job?
Lee: I like you too, yes please.
Us: Lee, we need a few interesting facts about you for your website profile.
Lee: Would the fact I used to dance for a living do?
Us: Yes Lee. Yes it would.


Now, if you can clear your mind of the image of Lee performing whatever dance you're currently imagining (we're not sure we can) then you might also like to know that in addition to the old chestnuts of food, drink and socialising, Lee also admits regularly having his food stolen by his toddler son and to a weekly thrashing at squash by his pensioner father, just challenge them to a dance off next time, eh Lee?!

Cassie Bowler

Cassie breezed into the team in July 2013 and seems to have an endless array of personal interests! First on the list is creating vintage crafts and foods (think Kirsty Allsop's alternative passion, and with James wanting to be Phil Spencer when he grows up we think this is a good match!). She proudly proclaims herself current 'Sunday Dinner' champion in the 'close family league', a title she has held for over a year now (not THAT close then eh, Cassie?). However the biggest love in her life has to be her children. They love spending lots of crafty time together and it has the added advantage that not only is Cassie fully qualified in dressing any model of Barbie but also removing glitter/glue/clay from almost any surface, always useful when we break out the clay modelling and craft materials to calm James down on busier days...

Krystina - James Du Pavey Profile Image
Krystina Hickin

Office Manager Krystina joined the Nantwich office as it opened in July 2014 in a flurry of amazing shoes and fabulous handbags and did so well that she was promoted to the Eccleshall office in 2017. When not 'expanding her estate agency repertoire' Krystina loves nothing more than variously wrangling her son and her dog into suitable activities! Joshua (the son) has taken to cycling in a big way and Krystina says she bursts with pride watching her mini-wiggins win lots of races. Sam (the dog) gets taken on lots of walks but remains hyperactive. We suggest killing two birds with one stone and attaching the dog to the child's bike. The child will go even faster with the added assistance and the dog should be suitably pooped. We're sure this behaviour is completely safe and totally legal.

Chelsea Brady

As Lettings Manager and the one of the most relied on members of the team, Chelsea has all the knowledge and experience to help you along the way. Cheslea is a local girl, born and bred in Stafford. Having a passion for property from day one, she started her career as a conveyancing secretary at a firm of solicitors in Stone, a skill that she puts to great use every day! She has then been a very successful negotiator at a corporate estate agency for several years before joining the team at Eccleshall. Chelsea is a real girly girl and is probably the only girl to pack hair straighteners to V-Festival!!

Emily Stokes - BA(Hons)

Local girl Emily was born and raised in Stoke and after a stint in the big smoke came home to join our team in 2015, and quite frankly who can blame her?! When not slaving away on our behalf Emily likes to spend time out doors and doing good deeds, having done the Great North Swim for Dougie Mac and worked for conservation charities when in Australia. We were also pleased to hear that to make up for all the good deeds she does admit to also spending lots of time out and about with her friends and going on holiday, two activities of which we thoroughly approve!


Adelle Reed

Adelle likes to make like her slightly more famous musical namesake and sing her way through the day. Much as we love individuality and innovation we have had to put our foot down when she started greeting clients with 'Hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times', we do have some professional limits! When not busy at work and making poor Andy's ears bleed, Della loves all things arty and frequents galleries and as well as having an interest in home interiors. She also gets involved with two types of Salsa as she enjoys dancing as well as being an epic foodie. We can't leave without mentioning her dog, who has the most bonkers name we've yet come across, oh yes, all hail Buddy Prince Holly.

Anna Pepper

Local girl Anna joins the Eccleshall Team bringing with her 3 year’s industry knowledge. Having lived in Eccleshall for most of her life and worked in a local pub, she is bound to bump into some of the regulars!!! Ambitious and driven Anna achieved her Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze, Silver and Gold, the world's leading achievement award for young people and spent 1 week as crew on a tall ship Stavros S Niarchos. So from the glittering oceans to the fairytale slopes of Staffordshire, Anna’s love of both glitter and unicorns dreams’ have really come true!

Pippa Atkin

Pippa started right at the beginning at JDP towers, as one of our work experience students and impressed us so much we asked her back for more, but promised to pay her this time! Pippa has always been local to Eccleshall and lives on a farm with her sister where she likes to dabble in some wheeler dealering on eBay.

Emilie Harris

Outdoorsy Emilie loves nothing more than donning her tweeds and boots and trudging through the autumn leaves with some country music on her earphones. Sad that it can't be autumn all year round she concedes that summer is pretty good too but only on the condition she gets to sit outside on the long evenings, toasting marshmallows and gulping a bottle of Bud (other American lagers are available, although we're not sure we condone drinking them. Gin is better, as is swamp water).

Rosie Hound

Rosie is the best behaved member of the team. Having been abandoned on the streets of Ireland at some point in early 2011 she was picked up and shipped over to England where her soppy eyes and wriggly bottom ensured her a new job as an Estate Hound. Chief in charge of cuddles and morale she spends most of her days snoozing under one of the desks, saving her energy to kidnap discarded paper and to steal any treat left unguarded by the other team members.

Stone Branch

Meet the dedicated staff based in the Stone Branch of James Du Pavey. If you would like to get in contact, feel free to call us on 01785 814917 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Catrina Horsley MNAEA

Catrina started in estate agency about 13 years ago when her children were small. Yes, Catrina decided to start in Estate Agency when chronically sleep deprived and her main topic of conversation would have revolved around Peppa Pig. However it seems to have worked as she quickly rose through the ranks and is now a professionally qualified manager in our Stone branch. With the aforementioned children she claims to be too busy to have hobbies but does squeeze in swimming, walking the dog, shopping, spending time with her family and baking. That's more hobbies than any of the rest of the team, not bad for someone with no spare time!

adrian wale
Adrian Wale DipSORP

Country music officionado Adrian hails from Leiceter via Nashville and loves nothing more than relaxing on a beach with a sunset and a good drink. Conversely, when not exploring new and far flung places he is a total home bird and professes to enjoy the cleaning and ironing with the Tour de France or SkyAtlantic on in the backround. If this all sounds too good to be true you should know that he hides a dark secret, those of a delicate nature should look away now.... He doesn't drink tea. The fact he hasn't lost his UK passport yet astounds us.

Kelly Chaplin

People person Kelly puts store in the old adage of carpe diem and tries to have a good old laugh every day. That's a pretty easy ambition once working at James Du Pavey, having seen some of James' famous 'fashion forward' moments! When not giggling at the boss's ties Kelly will be out with the girlies shopping until she drops, apparently literally, so we'd best put the St John's crew on standby next time she plans a splurge! She can only then be revived with the promise of a party, can't we all?! She claims the best part of her eight years in the business has been the opportunity to meet new people, ah, bless!

Amy Blaney BA (Hons)

Quite simply, every business needs an Amy! Office Manager, Lettings Manager, Senior Negotiator and much, much more! Amy joined the team in Stone in May 2013 bringing with her not only four years of industry experience but also the skills she developed whist trying her hand at both journalism and teaching, the latter being of great use at James Du Pavey! When not using her teacher voice to keep everyone at work in line Amy can be found with her nose in a novel, not that surprising for an English Literature graduate! More unusually she also claims to be a dab hand at baking, cross stitch and wiping out zombies on her Xbox. Spot the odd one out...

Louise Sharp
Louise Sharp

Louise came aboard the good ship HMS Du Pavey in April 2014 having worked in the industry for the past 3 years. Prior to that, polymath Lou has worked in Graphic Design and in the recruitment sector, placing candidates in Accountant and Solicitor roles. All the while Lou's keen interest in property and design led her to complete a Diploma in Interior Design in her spare time. Being a bit of an arty type, she enjoys creating pencil drawn pet portraits for friends and family and has even sold a few too! Aside from all property and design related things, she has a busy home life with her horse, William, taking up most of her spare time...and funds! "Princess William" as he is affectionately known raced until he was 5 at which point Louise took him on and, 18 months on, he's well on his way with his retraining and even entered his first show in May 2014. However, as he is tall, dark and handsome and never seems to answer back any man in Louise's life has a lot to compete with! When she's not working, drawing, riding or mucking out, Louise enjoys all the usual...eating good food and the odd cocktail, sadly normally leading to an episode of bad dancing! We look forward to experiencing it!

Lola Green

As the mother of twins born in 2012, Lola's time is rarely her own! The kids are however starting young and apparently already like spending time with her and her husband at theme parks, although we're not sure if you can fit a baby seat to Nemesis! When not being whizzed around on the teacups Lola will spend time on those old chestnuts of going shopping, socialising and eating out but in penance for the restaurant based over indulgence she tries to keep as fit as possible and goes running each week although we're pretty sure the twins do their bit to help keep her in shape!

Margo Evans

Margo is one of those people who just can’t stand to stand still. With more industry experience than even a Samba dancer could shake a stick at, we wanted to know about more about what makes her tick! Top of the list came travelling and organising parties, specifically for other people (but we suspect she might enjoy them too!) With her grown up twins having flown the nest Margo has embraced her returned freedom and indulges her wanderlust regularly with trips to South Africa. Food also made the hobbies list, with cooking, baking and Boxing Day barbecuing all being mentioned. So, unparalleled levels of experience, party organising and tip top food offerings, why wouldn’t we have asked Margo to join the team!

Jasmine Horsley

Jasmine, as you may be able to tell from the name, comes with an excellent Estate Agency Heritage! Whilst studying for her A-Levels, she's working hard to fund an oversees expedition to Costa Rica in 2016, before she hopefully heads off to study Geography at university. In possession of a freshly minted driving license with intent to use it, she not only works for us but also pulls pints, irons shirts (other laundered items also welcome) and washes cars in pursuit of that plane ticket to Central America! In her spare time (how many hours in a day?!) she also loves watching Liverpool FC and live music, where boy bands get a big mention, just don't mention Zayne Malik. If you haven't heard of him think John Lennon or Robbie Williams, depending on your vintage.

Eleanor Harding
Eleanor Harding

Eleanor likes to come to work for a rest and some peace and quiet away from her recently teenage son meaning that when we finally kick her out of the office at home time she has developed an exhaustive list of hobbies to keep her absent, we mean busy. Running, dance classes and gym time all figure on the list whereas gardening definitely does not. We assume in order to provide some natural cover from the hormonal tantrums.

Olivia Cutland BSc (Hons)

Liv joined in early 2012, part time whilst studying for her final year of her degree in property asset management, she stayed on and her commitment to the JDP cause saw her rocket into the position of Office Manager. Her passion for property is matched only by her passion for killer heels but her spare time and fashionista ways have just been curtailed by the arrival of her gorgeous baby boy. We've told her that waving goodbye to the Manolos, if only temporarily, is more than worth it!

Nantwich Branch

Meet our dedicated team of property experts based in the Nantwich Branch of James Du Pavey. If you would like to get in contact, feel free to call us on 01270 445678 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

James Latham
James Latham BA(Hons)

James is a dabber through and through, but was last seen working in Nantwich on a milk round at the age of 14. He assures us that he has gained considerable experience in the Cheshire property market since then, working in several different towns and agencies since 1996 and has finally come home to roost. In the rare hours we don't have his nose forcibly pressed to the grindstone James is a huge movie and music buff, and has recently branched out into after dinner entertainment sessions with a guitar but draws the line at singing. Rather concerningly for us he cites his other great passions as holidays with his family and drinking Bourbon; we love honesty but 'drinking and being away from work' aren't ideal CV fillers!

Laura Pickin BMus (Hons)

Sociable Shropshire lass Laura came to James Du Pavey in the very early days of the Nantwich office. Since then she has become an integral part of the team. Laura is a passionate photographer which shows in the great property pictures that she is famous for! Always smiling, she loves the outdoors and cites her interests as baking, cooking and going to restaurants alongside going to the gym. Presumably the one counteracts the effects of the others. We can work with that logic!

Matthew Watts LLB, BA (Hons)

Matt is a recent returnee from that there London town where he lived and worked for several years, we've taken him on with a view to reintegrating him back into normal society. We're getting there slowly but surely, although we still find him gently rocking muttering dark words about 'The Metropolitan Line' and sometimes trying to pay for bus journeys with a credit card but we're sure we'll have him settled in and remembering to take his wellies wherever he goes before long! One major advantage of escaping urban life is he can enjoy his favourite toy, his Merc, going above the dizzying heights of 17m.p.h. All this speed seems to have affected Matt, he can't get enough of the thrill and is now working towards his pilot's licence too. We'll have to install a runway at JDP HQ!!

Shelly Margolan
Shelly Margolan

Not only did Shelly join us bringing with her 15 years in the business, she also massively upped our fitness quota. In fact we think she does enough exercise to offset everybody else! When she's not busy climbing mountains she likes to sneak in half marathons here and there. Then, just to give the feet a bit of a rest she'll just hop out of a plane for a quick skydive, you know, as you do!

Welcome to James Du Pavey Estate Agents Staffordshire & Cheshire

Moving home is one of the biggest decisions you make and when the time is right for you, we understand that you need help from the experts to make sure you get the best deal. James Du Pavey Estate Agents is an independent agency founded with a single vision: 'To provide an outstanding bespoke service for each and every client'.
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