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How to... exchange contracts in record time.

Now you've accepted that offer and the big move is finally in your sights. A word of warning: don’t be fooled that the end is near. This is where our work as a professional estate agent really begins. However by following some simple steps you can help get your sale through in a matter of weeks instead of months!

The first and most important step is to find a good solicitor. This decision can make or break a sale and you must focus on quality and not price. We can help recommend good efficient local solicitors that you can call into and visit should there be a problem. I cannot stress enough the perils of using an online solicitor which might tempt you with cheap prices and potentially false promises.

We will send out a 'Memorandum of Sale' which introduces all parties and their solicitors and documents the price and conditions of the sale. This will allow your solicitor to prepare a contract, but remember that they cannot do this until you have agreed to your solicitor's terms and proved your identity. So be sure to pre-empt this and visit them straight away. This would also be a good time to give your solicitor any documents relating to insurances, planning permissions or guarantees regarding your property.

Once the contract has been received by the buyer's solicitor they will apply for searches and raise enquiries. Make sure your solicitor has your email address so that they can send any questions to you straight away without the need to wait for the post. Always reply to enquiries promptly and comprehensively as this can make a big difference to the time frame.

We will be regularly chasing your sale and speaking to all the solicitors concerned on your behalf, trying to hurry things along and help with negotiations when things are getting difficult. Despite this we recommend regularly harassing your solicitor with phone calls to check on how things are going!

During this time a survey should also be carried out on behalf of the buyer and, in the case of a mortgage being required, a mortgage offer should be issued after the survey. However, be aware that this can take a week or two to come through after the survey.

Once the buyer's solicitors are happy with all the responses and are in receipt of the mortgage offer and deposit funds they will THEN agree a date for exchange with your solicitors. We strongly recommend asking for a week between exchange and completion as this will allow you to pack up with confidence that the sale is going ahead. When you do complete, make sure you arrange to drop the keys down to our office so that we can give them to the new owner!

Just remember at all times, the key is communication! If you have any questions at all, just pick up the phone and we will do all we can to help, it's what we're here for!

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