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How to... take your own viewing.

Someone has seen your house's brochure and they are keen to come and see it. You have decided to take your own viewing but want to know some professional tips one how to make sure it goes as well as it possibly can. James discusses the dos and don’ts to hopefully make this viewing the last one!

If you were selling a car you would have it valeted and looking its best before a buyer came to try it and the same is true for your house. It is so important to go that extra mile and make sure that your house is PERFECTLY presented for sale. (More information on this can be found in my article 'Make the most of your home'.)

This will set you apart from any complacent house sellers that might be around in the market. We will only send you serious leads, we will not waste your time with viewers to keep you happy, so this viewing really could be 'the one'!

Before the viewer arrives turn every light in the house on, every lamp and side light, even on the brightest of days as this will help make your home feel more welcoming. Also pull all curtains back to show the view and leave the driveway empty so the viewer can pull straight in without worrying where to park. On the other hand, ensure that any valuables are locked out of sight, better safe than sorry.

Plan the order in which you will show the viewers around before they arrive, to make sure you don't miss any rooms and give the best impression. If you want any advice on this then give me a call and I will advise you depending on your house.

Be welcoming and invite them in and try to keep them at ease. Some people will want to talk a lot, some may not say a word but just go with the flow and don't force anything. Point out the highlights of the property as you guide them around and try to avoid the old 'this is the living room' line! Something along the lines of 'this is a lovely room in which to sit in front of the roaring fire in winter time' or 'the view is amazing from the sofa over the surrounding countryside.'

We understand that this is your pride and joy and you may well have done a huge amount of work to it, extensions and more. However buyers don't want to hear what a wreck it was when you bought it and all that you have done to it. Just show them what you have and be proud of it. Remember we have two ears and one mouth for a reason, don't forget to listen to your buyers and if you do this well, you can find out what is important to them and present your house to its best advantage in light of this. Most of all relax and try to enjoy the experience, if in doubt, just give us a call!

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